“Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good.”


—Jochen Zeitz

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Impact Management System (IMS) Consulting

Measuring impact isn't just important for the world, it's important for your bottom line. Through our assessment process, we help you build an Impact Management System that does the following:

  • Reduces your energy, water, and waste utilities

  • Supports your team with top quality benefits improves your retention rates

  • Leverages your brand within the community

LifeCity can not only help you develop your IMS but also certify your impact as a third party.

Every company can make a better choice. What are you waiting for? Sign up for a free consultation to start developing your IMS. Marketing your impact not only creates good will, but even better brand value.

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Impact Reporting & Video Marketing

LifeCity’s impact reports help your company measure, market and grow your impact. We conduct impact reports for companies and developers, investors, and intermediaries, such as Community Development Entities (CDEs) and Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs).

LifeCity specializes in New Markets Tax Credit financing (NMTCs) impact studies. Whether you are acting in the NMTC space as a CDE, investor, CDFI, or as a Qualified Low-income Community Business (QLICB), LifeCity can help you tell your story of impact. Our impact reporting services are available at any stage of the NMTC allocation process. We also can help analyze and aggregate your impact data across investments by developing a customized Impact Management System (IMS).

Third Party Impact Reports provide:

  • A simple, personalized design

  • Stories told through the lives of the people you touch

  • A beneficial assessment that simultaneously supports your client and business interests

  • Increased credibility to investors and funders

  • Standardized impact indicators that align with national metrics like GIIRS, B Corps Certification, LEED, and others

In addition to reporting services, LifeCity produces videos to capture the catalytic impact of projects. Below, find a recent video LifeCity completed on behalf of Rural Development Partners (RDP), a CDE based in Iowa.

Here’s another video LifeCity produced for AMCREF Community Capital and MuniStrategies, two impact investors focusing on the rural south.

Lean and Green

LifeCity’s Lean & Green program will elevate your business to new levels of efficiency, optimization and quality. Through our assessment, we can help you:

  • Realize cost savings by lowering your energy use, improving material performance, and optimizing your team’s productivity.

  • Streamline operations to reduce inventory, conserve resources for increased capacity, and innovate to capture new markets.

While our #1 motivation is saving you money, we can also help you take advantage of a growing green marketplace, which often pays a premium for socially and environmentally responsible practices.

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LifeCity Membership & Certification

By becoming a member of LifeCity, you'll join a network of over 200 businesses and a community of over 5,000 individuals who are all invested in creating a more sustainable future. We offer three membership tiers: Basic, Advanced, and Premium.

Once we’ve assessed your organization’s social and environmental impact, we’ll work with you to implement strategies that accelerate the good work you’re already doing. We’ll also connect you with like-minded organizations that can help you reach your sustainability goals.

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