Top 10 Reasons to be a Patron at the Natties



It’s that time of year again!  The local sustainability community is getting our heads out of the weeds and into the spotlight!  It’s time to recognize the great achievements of the past year and applaud those who have made a significant impact in our community.   But – you don’t just want to attend this year – you want to be a Patron!

10 reasons why you need to be a Patron…

1. Exclusive live performance of Raphael and Norbert... have you heard them on Frenchmen?  They will be singing for YOU – the Patron Party – from 6-7pm.

2. Exclusive green cocktails made with New Orleans Rum, a local garnish, and a cool flavor that only the patrons get to enjoy all night.

3. To support the Sustainability Movement in New Orleans!  Let’s be real.  The BEST reason to be a patron at the Natties is to support the work of those companies and non-profits in our community that are trying ro reduce their carbon footprint, minimize waste, hire locally, and so much more.  

4. Meeting the Other Amazing Patrons.  The supporters of the Green Games and Awards Ceremony are some of the most fun, smart, and fun people in the City!  Meet the other like-minded individuals who are making the effort to give back.

5. Name and Brand Recognition.  All Patrons at the Award Ceremony will be recognized at the event as well as in Natural Awakenings Magazine, reaching over 50,000 in the Southeast Region.

6. Exclusive pre-event access to the Silent Auction.

7. A Unique Gift made from one of our Green Natties Contestants- its a surprise!  But in this town, you could use it every day!

8. A Complimentary Green Card

9. You will fly.  Well, you will at least get to be recognized as a Hummingbird, Raven, or Phoenix!

10. A donation acknowledgment letter from our non-profit partner, the New Orleans Chamber Foundation

We look forward to seeing you at the event!  Please see the Patron levels to see how you might be able to help lead our effort to form a strong Impact Economy in New Orleans.

Patron Levels:
$100 – Hummingbird (1 Ticket)
$250 – Raven (2 Tickets)
$500 – Phoenix (3 Tickets)


Buy your Patron Tickets today!