Why “For-Benefit?”

LifeCity is a “for-benefit” company that reinvests 100% of our profits into a mission to create social change. We are a company because we strongly believe that business should be a driving force of social good. If 80% of our world’s capital is held in the private sector, it should be leveraged for contributing to, not taking from. In addition, non-profit and government partners benefit from our partnership and priority placed on collective impact efforts.

We believe that social and environmental impact have real economic value and that because resources are so limited and precious, we have to be efficient. Therefore, we believe in providing products and services that paid for and inspired by our immediate customers and community, according to needs and demands (instead of directed 100% by the needs of grant makers).

As a mission-driven company, we want to work with everyone, regardless of capacity or resources. That’s why we strive to offer affordable prices offered at a variety of access points. If, for whatever reason, your organization cannot afford our services, we have scholarship programs available. 

Learn more + apply for a LifeCity scholarship here: https://goo.gl/forms/UJsdVqHyZ2wOFasf2