We Want YOU as a Green Card Sales Rep!

Uncle samAs LifeCity expands, we are looking for skilled salespeople to grow our Green Card membership base. The Green Card is a program designed to connect consumers to our green certified business members and getting them discounts at those businesses.

As a Green Card sales rep, you will be tabling at businesses, festivals, and events throughout the city. You will be both selling the Green Card as well as promoting LifeCity, our business members, and ways in which our network is building a more sustainable New Orleans.


Key responsibilities:

  • Sell Green Cards at different tabling and networking events in the community
  • Work with Green Card coordinator to schedule tabling events and collect materials
  • Attend periodic Green Card Sales Rep meetings to discuss strategy


  • Sales/marketing experience
  • Disciplined and results oriented
  • Strong communication skills
  • Self-starter attitude and ability to work independently
  • Passion for promoting a sustainable community

Compensation: compensation is commission based: $5 per card for the fist 10 cards, $10 per card for every card thereafter within one tabling event. (Each card is $20)

Application: Please send a tailored cover letter and resume to green@mylifecity.com. It is important for us to bring on-board individuals committed to LifeCity’s mission and goals. Applications that are not specific to this position or LifeCity will not be considered.

Professional Development:  Community outreach/building experience, sales experience, greater understanding of social entrepreneurship and green business development, satisfaction of growing fun and innovative start-up, large network of local green businesses and organizations, and the knowledge that you helped to support a more sustainable NOLA.

About LifeCity

LifeCity is a membership-based organization that supports the development of green or “impact” businesses in New Orleans, while educating consumers about green products and services. It’s a win-win situation: consumers receive discounts to green products and services through our membership card, and certified LifeCity businesses receive greater visibility and support of LifeCity members. Together, we help keep Louisiana beautiful – now and later.

Please contact green@mylifecity.com with any questions.