Guide to Developing Sustainable Communities


Value Louisiana:

a model for developing sustainable communities through the growth of for-benefit organizations.

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Steps & Helpful Resources to Grow Your Impact Economy:

STEP 1  Identify a Backbone Organization

STEP 2  Form a Steering Committee

STEP 3  Conduct a Baseline Assessment

STEP 4  Make a Plan for Growth

STEP 5  Implementation

STEP 6 Evaluate Progress!


Other Resources:

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Additional conversations we’re interested in:

  • How can we use social impact bonds to fund the growth of local impact economies?
  • What success stories does your community have and how do you share them?

Value Louisiana Case Study:

Community Assessment & Benchmarking    Over the course of four months, LifeCity identified major strengths and weaknesses in the following areas of the Fourth Sector ecosystem in the Greater New Orleans Region by gathering sentiments from 31 for-benefits and the organizations that support them through focus groups, interviews and surveys. In addition to creating a great map of the ecosystem with entrepreneur’s perspectives on what’s “working” and “not working,” this participatory research also energized local conversation around for-benefits, increased awareness of Value Louisiana initiative, and initiated new strategic partnerships. LifeCity summarized the results of the research in the 2015 State of the Impact Economy Report, which increased the initiative’s legitimacy and drew the attention of numerous local leaders (including the City’s Chief Operating Officer) to the real existence of these for-benefits as powerful agents in the Greater New Orleans community. These strengths and weaknesses also played a key role when the Steering Committee devised the Value Louisiana Strategic Action Plan.

Launch Party    In January 2014, Value Louisiana

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