Two Ways to Save Energy from Energy Smart


Don’t let keeping cool burn a whole in your wallet. CLEAResult and the Energy Smart program have been helping NOLA residents save energy and save money since 2011. This month they’re letting us now how they can help you save on your A/C costs this summer through their new CoolSaver A/C Tune Up and ENERGY STAR Window A/C programs.

Be Cool this Summer – Don’t Wait to Tune-Up Your Air Conditioning System

Just like a car, your air conditioner needs regular maintenance in order for it run properly and efficiently.

Energy Smart’s CoolSaver A/C Tune-Up Program offers incentives to help you get your system in tip-top shape just in time for the summer. This new offering will optimize your cooling and your savings to ensure that your air conditioning system is working at up to 30% increased efficiency which means lower utility bills.

CoolSaver goes beyond the traditional A/C tune-up by adding additional diagnostics and services to improve your system’s performance. Our qualified contractors use state-of-the-art equipment to adjust your HVAC system’s airflow and refrigerant – that means higher energy savings for you!

Visit to schedule a participating Energy Smart contractor to perform a CoolSaver A/C Tune-Up and receive a $175 instant discount on your invoice.

Don’t Let Savings Fly Out Your Window

Don’t work up a sweat over rising temperatures and high energy bills. ENERGY STAR® window air conditioners use about 15% less energy than older models and because window air conditioners cool rooms rather than the entire home, they can be less expensive to operate than central units.

Energy Smart’s ENERGY STAR Window A/C Program offers New Orleans residents rebates on new window A/C systems – small units are eligible for a $35 mail-in rebate, and large units (above 14,000 BTU) are eligible for a $50 rebate.

An important factor in the efficiency of a window air conditioner is choosing the right size. Visit the ENERGY STAR website and find out what size of unit is the right size for your room. Other tips for getting the most out of your window unit:

  • Keep the room shaded
  • Direct the airflow towards the occupied areas of the room
  • Clean the filter regularly
  • Don’t place TVs or lamps near the unit’s thermostat

Get Energy Smart with the ENERGY STAR Window Air Conditioning Program. More information and energy saving tips are available on the Energy Smart website at or call 866-721-0249.