The Top 10 Ways To Be Green Using LifeCity Members

Top 10

Does “green” factor into your 2014 New Year’s resolutions? Whether we’re talking money or the planet, these tips will help you to make the most of this upcoming year. Here are our top 10 ways to go green in 2014!

1. Go on a Green Date!

Bring in the New Year with some ‘green romance’ by going on a date using only Green Certified businesses. Start off the day with coffee or tea from PJ’s. Stop by the New Orleans Food Coop and pick up supplies for a relaxing picnic on Bayou St. John. Next, rent kayaks from Bayou Kayaks and go kayaking on a fun trip down the bayou. Finish the evening with authentic Mexican cuisine, live music and sensual atmosphere at Casa Borrega!

2. Bicycle!

A key part of the rebuilding effort, post-Katrina has been to install bike lanes with the goal of helping to make New Orleans one of the top bike cities in the country. Bicycling reduces your carbon footprint and helps clear up traffic congestion in the city. Think about all the money you will be saving on gas, car repairs, parking and insurance costs! It is also a great way to stay in shape and burn off those extra calories from the holidays! Stop by The Bike Shop on Freret for all of your bicycle needs.

3. Exercise!

According to the Louisiana Council on Obesity Prevention and Management, Louisiana ranks the 4th highest in the country in obesity where 63% of adults are obese or overweight.There are a number of great ways to stay in shape while supporting green businesses. Transform NOLA offers yoga, TRX classes, teacher training and life coaching. Bayou Kayaks offers a great way to get outside and kayak along the beautiful Bayou St. John. Experience more peace, fitness and well-being in your life with martial arts classes for people of all ages at NOLA Aikido. Creole Pubcrawl is a multitasker’s dream! This mobile bar moves around New Orleans via pedals located underneath your bar stool.

4. Go Solar!

Why continue to rely on the dirtiest, most archaic forms of energy for most of U.S energy consumption? Right now, New Orleans is one of the best places to use solar power. With combined federal and state tax incentives, this is a great time to consider solar energy for your home or business.  Not only does using solar lessen pollution and help protect the environment, it can also substantially lower your electric bill. Contact Joule Energy or PosiGen for a free solar energy assessment to see if solar is right for your home.

5. Conserve Energy

Wasting energy equals wasting money and when this energy comes from practices that are harmful to the environment, you are also needlessly contributing to this destruction. There are a number of ways that you can conserve energy doing everything from reducing air leaks to using energy efficient light bulbs.  GOSH Energy Solutions, PosiGen and Global Green provide energy assessments that will not only help you conserve energy but also save money. LALED lights are another great way to go green and save green!

6. Limit your Waste

Did you know that Louisiana accounts for a significant amount of the waste produced by the U.S? Don’t trash NOLA, make your home or business zero waste! It’s up to all of us to keep Louisiana beautiful. Progressive Recycling and The Composting Network can help reduce your waste stream.

7. Green your Yard

Whether you are looking to landscape or grow your own garden, there are a number of ways to keep your yard green. EcoUrban is a full service landscaping company that specializes in sustainable products and eco-friendly practices. They will design and maintain the sustainable garden of your green dreams. Renewable Landscapes is an eco-friendly lawn care company that uses solar energy to run its lawn equipment. VertiFarms offers really cool ‘tower’ plant installations. They also design, build and operate recirculating farms that sustainably grow greens and other vegetables.

8. Buy Fair Trade

Awareness of social and environmental problems are helping to create demand for products that are made with limited harm to the planet and its people. Support Fair Trade products that limit environmental destruction while contributing to fair wages and treatment for workers around the globe. Fair trade products can be found at stores all over New Orleans. IN Exchange offers fair trade certified products, including a unique variety of clothing, artwork, jewelry and accesories.

9. Vote with your wallet!

When you spend your hard-earned money at a business, you are supporting what this business provides and how they provide it. Support businesses that are making a commitment to providing a positive social and environmental impact in the community. When you go out for food or drinks make sure to use your Green Card to get great deals at one of the 30+ cafes, bars and restaurants that are Green Certified.

10. Green your Business

Ask your place of business if they might be interested in a partnership with LifeCity! If you are interested in how your business can become more sustainable and be part of the impact economy, contact us for a free sustainability assessment!