Waggonner and Ball Architects Teach Us How to Live With Water

By Suzannah Schneider

The best cities in the world have been built around water: New York City, Paris, London, Chicago, and our dear home New Orleans. Each city has built important and unique infrastructure to live in harmony with the nearby wet ecosystem. Life with water can be beautiful and productive for economy and transportation systems, but as we well know, it also comes with unique challenges.

LifeCity is proud to recognize one of our Certified Green Business Members, Waggonner & Ball Architects, a renowned architectural and planning firm with 30 years experience in New Orleans as a true business leader in our community. The firm has designed an exhibition called Living with Water to reveal their advocacy and leadership efforts to improve Greater New Orleans and its relationship to water.

“Sometimes heavy rains bring more water than we can handle. When it is not raining, our drainage system removes groundwater and causes subsidence. We have walled off and buried waterways across the city. If we can work with the landscape and natural systems, we can manage localized flooding, balance groundwater, and create public spaces near water that make our city safer, more resilient and more beautiful,” says David Waggonner,FAIA, Principal for the company.

If you ever wondered how we can continue to manage the great water challenges we face in this City, Living with Water presents practical options for flood protection and canal improvement while highlighting the importance and beauty of the water. The exhibition demonstrates how safety can be striking. Featuring work from the Dutch Dialogues conferences and new work from the Greater New Orleans Water Management Strategy, which will be completed in early 2013, this is an exhibit you won’t want to miss!

Waggonner & Ball’s exhibition opened at White Linen Night, and is on view until October 1, 2012 at the AIA New Orleans’ Center for Design on Lee Circle. The exhibition is free and open to the public.