The GREENtrepreneur: Global Green’s NOLA Wise Program

NOLAWISE-1319723345Making your home energy efficient is now easy with the NOLA Wise program, managed by Global Green. NOLA Wise specializes in bringing every available resource to improve the comfort and energy use of your home. They connect homeowners to low-interest loans and grant incentives which can finance energy efficiency upgrades, all completed by contractors with a history of great work.

This model has been used by companies nation-wide to energize sustainability, connecting environmentally-friendly services to the people who need them most. The program takes its clients through the process of upgrading their energy efficiency step-by-step. From the initial evaluation of energy usage, to the implementation of energy-saving practices, NOLA Wise works you through it. In the end, homeowners boast better energy ratings and lower costs to power their lives.

It all sounds well and good – but what’s the cost? NOLA Wise offers low interest loans with reduced credit requirements so that homeowners can finance energy efficiency retrofits without going out of pocket.

Camille Lopez of Global Green explains how NOLA Wise gives homeowners access to weatherization that they might not otherwise be able to approach. “We can offer low-interest loans with reduced credit requirements so that any homeowner can finance energy efficiency retrofits.” Have bad credit? That’s not a problem for the NOLA Wise program, which uses other avenues to assess financial good-standing. That’s innovative thinking.

 Interested in hearing more? Refreshments will be provided at a NOLA Wise Open House on November 10 at 5:30pm. Head over to 1000 St. Charles at Lee Circle, where their experts will be available to answer questions and explain the process.For more information, check out “” or call (504) 523-WISE.Thanks to Camille Lopez and the Global Green Team for leveraging sustainable solutions in the Big Easy!