Submit Comments & Support Sustainable Water Management!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPlease take 5 minutes to support the future of our City!

Zoning codes that shape our city are being updated for the first time in forty years and it’s time to be a good citizen. You can support sustainable water management and the implementation of the Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan  by filing comments with the New Orleans City Planning Commission byNovember 30th.  The current zoning laws were last updated in the 1970’s, so please help us make the most of this opportunity! Every voice counts!

To help, send comments that reflect the following (and it’s always nice to say “please”):
  • Find ways to ensure the CZO follows and implements guidelines and principles of the Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan
  • Improve the draft language requiring native plants by increasing the percentage to 50% or more to help reverse the loss of biodiversity upon which all species, including ours, depend (referenced in Article 23.5B)
  • Lower the stormwater design requirement threshold of impervious cement and surfaces from 10,000 feet to 5,000 feet to reduce subsidence, replenish groundwater and stabilize soil (Article 23.3A)
  • Reward installation of pervious systems with credits, priority in the permitting process, or other incentives
Comments can be submitted to the City Planning Commission’s staff via email to:, by fax (504) 658-7032, mail, or in person at the Commission’s office in City Hall. All comments must be received by November 30, 2013 for consideration.
OR You can fill out this form here.
(note: 1970’s zoning reference and additional information can be found at: