Stop Procrastinating and Let the Green Games Begin!

We are all familiar with procrastination, but our best business leaders think ahead. The Second Annual Sustainable Business Competition, the Green Games, is looking to honor those businesses that “think ahead” for our economy by protecting our environment and our community over the long-term. Don’t wait businesses of New Orleans – register and start planning your goals for the Green Games!

Each year, LifeCity and Natural Awakenings Magazine organize this annual competition where government, non-profit and for-profit groups can compete in social and environmental responsibility. They are then honored at an Awards Ceremony, the Green Natties, co-hosted by the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce Foundation. It is a part of a growing economic development strategy burgeoning in this City, where consumers, donors, and investors seek to not just create and sustain jobs, but ensure those jobs bring about long-term benefit for society.

“Whether you call it ‘better business’ or ‘green business’, the ‘impact economy’ or the ‘cultural economy’, the point is our intention: taking the extra time to be transparent, preserve our culture, and protect our environment while we do business,” says Liz Shephard, CSO of LifeCity. “It’s a bottom-line based on the next fifty years, not just tomorrow.”

And what City could better understand the need to stop procrastinating than New Orleans? Whether you look at our water pipes, our canal and levee systems, our rates of toxic chemical releases, our health and education ratings, or our shoreline, we’ve come to a realization that we have built an economy for our City that is – dare we say it – unsustainable.

Just this past week at the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting, Mayor Landrieu acknowledged this pattern of procrastination as a City that has “kicked the can down the road” far too long by ignoring our gross water infrastructure problems, while adding, “the day of reckoning has come.”

The 2012-2013 Gumbo Green Games has begun in New Orleans, which is any organization’s opportunity to stop kicking the can down the road, but pick up the can, recycle it, and get recognized. A nominated committee of local sustainability, government, and business leaders will choose winners after 6 months.

LifeCity encourages organizations to take part in this new New Orleans by participating in the Green Games Competition. We also encourage individuals to support those companies that are thinking about our long-term future. Together, we can build a city that will thrive not just today, but for years to come.

Below is the current list of participants:

You can learn more about registering to participate or sponsoring an award for the Green Games by emailing