Stacey Danner

“I believe in the inclusive green movement that Life City is working to usher in. It is important that we support small business innovation and leadership in the economy. “

Stacey James Danner is a co-founder, President and Chief Investment Officer ofSEE. He most recently served as a Community Revitalization Program Officer for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, where he analyzed financial structures and sourced $66 million of development financing opportunities for the National Trust Loan Fund and the National Trust Community Investment Corporation. Mr. Danner has also founded, owned and operated Urban Solutions Real Estate Services (USRES), a consulting company that performed economic development planning, urban planning, real estate investment as well as real estate development. While operating USRES, Mr. Danner simultaneously worked at Cosmopolitan Mortgage Philadelphia Branch as a Senior Business Development Analyst. Stacey James Danner received his Graduate Certificate in Urban Redevelopment Excellence from the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to this he received his Masters of Arts in Urban Studies from Temple University and his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Justice and Peace Studies from the University of St. Thomas.