St. Martin’s: Becoming Zero-Waste with LifeCity

st. martin'sSince joining LifeCity at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, St Martin’s Episcopal School in Metairie has been working toward a goal of being a Zero-Waste School!

To start this endeavor they added recycling to their waste contract. They started out slow with just recycling in the admin offices and near community printers. The school worked toward implementing school-wide recycling with the help of student ambassadors in each school level.

The Upper School Eco-Warriors student group makes periodic presentations to the rest of the Upper school students on how to recycle properly and new additions to the school’s recycling/waste reduction strategies. Some middle school students did a survey of their common waste items to determine what is and is not recyclable, they then reported to the rest of the middle school.

Additionally, the school has recently switched their styrofoam to-go lunch containers to a recyclable paper product and is encouraging students to use the reusable trays whenever possible in order to decrease the need to use these disposable products.

St. Martin’s is also participating in a Mardi Gras bead collection competition to see how many recyclable Mardi Gras throws they can donate to ARC of Greater New Orleans!

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