PRESS RELEASE: Sampling Tour at 3 Potato 4!

3potato4 logo3 Potato 4
2727 South Broad St. Suite 102
New Orleans, LA 70125

Join us, on a Sampling Tour at 3 Potato 4 New Orleans this September 5th from 11am-3pm! We are located at 2727 South Broad St. Suite 102 in the Broadmoor area. Our doors are not yet open to the public, but will be soon 7 days a week from 11-7pm. Come on down for a free sampling of our delicious, guilt-free baked potato fries with a specialty sauce.

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3 Potato 4 is a business which primarily sells organic, gluten-free BAKED potato fries (no oil) along with a variety of homemade specialty sauces—which are all vegan.  Chipotle Mayo is a popular one! Our establishment also sells bottled beverages, organic coffee and, most recently, frozen, chocolate covered Banana Rockets!!

How it all began:

3 Potato 4 was the inspiration of CEO, Guenevere Blanchard  who wanted to provide people with healthier snack choices at affordable prices. The demand for these healthy treats skyrocketed and Guenevere launched the first official 3 Potato 4 in Salem, MA in July of 2012. Since then, the franchise has expanded to here, Las Vegas, Cape Cod/Hyannis, and San Francisco.  The brand is based on a fun 1950’s space-age, sci-fi theme.

Very biodynamic, very sustainable, very smart!

Contact: Jehan Strouse, Franchisee
Phone: 206-617-1006

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