PRESS RELEASE: Green Restaurant Group Launches in New Orleans

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LifeCity, NATCO Food Service, & Eco Products Partnership

New Orleans, LA (July 12, 2013) – LifeCity, LLC is announcing an exciting new partnership with NATCO Food Service and Eco Products, that launches New Orleans’ first ever Green Restaurant Group and green purchasing program.  The purpose of the group provides restaurants a means of buying collectively as a group to reduce pricing of socially and environmentally responsible cutlery, beverage containers, and packaging solutions.   A launch party to celebrate the partnership will be held at the Healing Center this Thursday, July 18th, from 5-7pm, as a part of this month’s Green Drinks, a partnership between the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce and LifeCity.

According to Steve Watson, Owner of Mid Way Pizza, “New Orleans is known for its food but not for its recycling.  Its time we do what we do best – the culinary arts – while also protecting the environment.”  Owner of La Divina, Katrina Turillo, adds, “Going green isn’t an option anymore – it’s expected from customers who visit us daily.”

Green Restaurant Group Logo BASICThe Green Restaurant Group will enable restaurants to purchase green products and services at reduced rates and with convenient delivery.  Furthermore, it allows restaurants to share strategies, build community, and brand recognition among restaurant leaders in our City.   The concept began with a partnership between NATCO Food Services and City Greens, who orders a high volume of green to-go items on a regular basis from Eco Products.

Ben Kazenmaier, Owner of City Greens recalls “While LifeCity was doing a green assessment for our business, she asked if we were interested in bulk purchasing across LifeCity members.  I was already doing it at such a high volume, I knew that we could help get this project started with our contacts with NATCO and Eco Products”.   Kazenmaier’s leadership in this effort is in part what led to his winnings at the Green Natties, the Sustainable Business Awards Ceremony.

Anne Babin, President of NATCO Food Service added, “NATCO has always been committed to our local community and we look forward to supporting restaurants in doing the right thing for our environment while making it an easy and affordable process.”

LifeCity members French Truck Coffee, the Food Coop, the Composting Network, and Verti Farms also provide great opportunities for restaurants to go green but enjoy the benefits of group membership ranging from whole sale pricing, to discounts on composting services.

“As a social enterprise, we take sustainability seriously. Through our membership with LifeCity,” says Janet Davas, Executive Director of Liberty’s Kitchen, “we can make our eco-friendly purchasing practices more affordable – and expand our customer base, which helps to support our mission to improve the lives of New Orleans’ youth.”

The Green Restaurant Group is a program of LifeCity restaurant members.   Contact for more information on how your restaurant can save money, while also distinguishing itself as a leader in our community.

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About LifeCity: LifeCity works to accelerate the Impact Economy in New Orleans by supporting and leveraging a strong community of organizations and individuals committed to developing sustainable change.  We succeed in our mission by offering LifeCity’s Green Businesses Certification to organizations, building a Green Card community of individuals who live more sustainable lives, hosting networking and educational events that connect our members together, and throwing an annual Green Games Award Ceremony to recognize member success.

About NATCO Food Service Merchants: NATCO is a family-run commercial food service distributor. Since its establishment as a New Orleans butcher shop in 1925, the company has since become a trusted source of high quality meat to restaurants across the continental US and internationally.

About Eco Products:  Eco Products is the nation’s leading supplier of foodservice disposables, which tread lighter on the planet. Our items fall into one of two categories: made from post-consumer recycled content or made from renewable resources. Products include hot and cold cups, cutlery, dinnerware, food containers, deli containers, soufflé cups, beverage accessories and bag/can liners. We are constantly exploring new materials and new designs to ensure we can meet any customer’s needs. Eco Products in not just a green supplier, but a green company who practices what we preach. Please check out more about our company and our carbon offset programs at

About Liberty’s Kitchen:  Liberty’s Kitchen is a social enterprise dedicated to transforming the lives of New Orleans’ youth by providing a path to self-sufficiency through food service-based training, leadership and employment programs.

About the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce: The New Orleans Chamber of Commerce was founded in 2003 to provide chamber members with the opportunity to build mutually beneficial business partnerships within the City of New Orleans. If you’d like more information about the events, or to schedule an interview with the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, please contact Keisha McGee at 504-799-4260 or email Keisha at