Pat O’Brien’s

General Info

Pat O’Brien’s motto since 1933 has been “Have Fun!” and people from all across the globe have experienced just that throughout its History.

From the ambiance of the old French Quarter architecture to theSpecialty Drinks served, always in a logo souvenir glass, Pat O’Brien’s can show you how we “Have Fun!”

To remember all your fun at Pat O’Brien’s, we have our own Photo Department to take 8X10 or 6×8 Photos of you and your friends. We are proud to announce that you can now download your photos when you purchase a Digital Card at the photo booth.

“Have Fun!” at Pat O’s! Embrace the moment with a Pat O’Brien’s photo…you are welcome to send in a photo for our POB Photo Album.

Pat O’Brien’s also has a Birthday Club where you can receive an email voucher for any drink of your choice! What better way to celebrate than with the people who originated “Have Fun!”

No matter what you’re celebrating, Pat O’Brien’s is the place to do it.  On any given night, you’re bound to run into a 21st birthday party, a 50th wedding anniversary celebration, a group of business travelers from a convention, sports fans celebrating after a game or a bachelor or bachelorette party.  They all come here to “Have Fun!”

But don’t forget, you can celebrate any occasion with a famous Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane.Order some of our Hurricane Cocktail Mix from ourOnline Gift Shop and “Have Fun!” at Home.