General Info

OHNO Co (OpenHouse New Orleans Company) is a media development, marketing, hospitality programming, graphic design & event production agency dedicated to working with businesses, brands and organizations that operate in New Orleans.

Our clients include art galleries, spirit brands, restaurants, bars, neighborhood associations, disc jockeys, bands, salons,  and non-profit organizations. If your business is in New Orleans, or coming to New Orleans for events, conferences or conventions, OHNO Co’s team has the resources and skill sets to address your needs.

We work to understand the goals and challenges of our clients in order to develop a local business market that is more aware of, and engaged with, the value of said assets.

OHNO Co is founded on the tenents of Hospitality, Education & Exchange. We aim to develop, promote, and sustain a more self-reliant New Orleans economy, built upon, and catering to, local businesses and organizations.

OHNO Co is owned & operated by Jeremy JF Thompson