Natural Flow

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At one point or another, we’ve all been taught to associate our bodies and natural processes with shame and disgust. We learn that conventional disposables, which hurt our bodies and the earth, are just what’s “normal” – without ever being informed that other options exist.
At Natural Flow, we believe all women (and people) are beautiful and their natural bodies should be celebrated. Changing the way you relate to menstruation in your own life can lead to a happier & healthier body, mind, community, and world. Learn more about their products and what can work for you!
Benefits for…


  • Less exposure to harsh and toxic chemicals.
  • Decreased risk of infections.
  • More in harmony with your body’s natural processes.


  • One dumptruck of waste per person vs. a few dozen reusable pads.
  • Reduced pollution from production, transport, and disposal.


  • No more emergency trips to the store! Always have what you need.
  • Save hundreds of $$ compared to disposables.

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