Landrieu Concrete & Cement Industries (LCCI)

General Info

Landrieu Concrete & Cement Industries delivers ready-mix concrete for commercial and residential projects, from foundations to driveways and more. They also provide pervious concrete, a new environmentally-friendly option that lets rain seep back into the ground helping reduce strain on our drainage system. The company focuses on providing quality concrete sourcing, production, and delivery that is on schedule with quality customer service on every job. Landrieu Concrete & Cement Industries is locally-owned and staffed, a certified DBE and Section 3 supplier. They serve the greater New Orleans area, New Orleans East, Jefferson Parish, and Chalmette markets.

As the first green manufacturer to participate in the E3 Manufacturing Program in Louisiana, Landrieu Concrete & Cement Industries is committed to grow their social, environmental and economic impact on our region.

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