BlueOrleans Construction

General Info

Let us build your perfect New Orleans home, with classical charm and modern efficiencies, whether it be a new construction project or a new renovation your dream home is right around the corner.

IMG_0187Built Smart

Greener construction, begins with our use of Hardie siding (a concrete fiber) that is engineered for the specific climate it is used in, is better insulated, and lasts longer then traditional wood siding.

For insulation our homes all utilize a closed cell foam spray insulation (never fiberglass),
and low-e triple pain argon filled windows which allows you to take control of your utility bill, keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and subsequently puts less strain on your wallet.

Our homes are built with Green energy in mind, with most homes facing west in order to optimize our usage of Solar Panels with that of the path of the sun. This allows the panels to subsidize your energy costs as maximally as possible, and helps to create cleaner energy, and a cleaner environment.

Designed Smart

Highly efficient low energy appliances and fixtures ensure you’re using the optimum amount of energy every time you flip a switch or turn on an appliance.

Our homes feature the highest efficiency A/C systems, tankless water heaters, low flow water amenities, all electric appliances, interior transom windows to maximize daylight and mitigate the use of artificial lighting, and water catchment of rain water for planters and gardens to optimize your usage of electricity, gas, and water.

Revitalize and Reuse

Revitalize and reuse, we source, salvage, revitalize, and reuse amenities, lumber, and hardware from previous homes and demolitions, thought and detail is put into optimizing every structure.

This use of revitalized flooring, hardware, and amenities also allow us to create a unique and one of a kind aesthetic in all of our properties, as well as cutting down on waste and inefficient use of materials. Guaranteeing you a one of a kind look for your home as well as taking care of the environment.