NOLA DOUBLOON Wooden Tokens to Attract Patrons to Green Businesses

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Michael Batterman of NOLA DOUBLOON is excited to announce an initiative to attract his historical tour patrons to socially and environmentally responsible businesses in New Orleans. He is asking for the participation of LifeCity Business Members to help him on his project. Please see the letter below that Michael has written:

Dear LifeCity Business Members,

NOLA DOUBLOON is proud to join the ranks of LifeCity members, local businesses that have all made a commitment to sustainable practices, local sourcing, community building, and quality products and experiences. We are a new tour operator in town, offering historical tours of New Orleans and helping to safeguard our precious heritage by donating a portion of all proceeds to select local nonprofits involved in essential restoration and preservation projects.

Guests on our tours will all receive a small wooden token with our logo, similar to a Mardi Gras doubloon. We would like to help promote other LifeCity member businesses by offering each of our guests the chance to redeem his or her doubloon at a LifeCity certified business for the very same in-kind discount currently offered to other LifeCity members. We see this as a way to encourage visitors to the city to spread their wings and venture farther afield than most tourists in exploring some of the city’s most dynamic neighborhoods and commercial districts, while helping to support our comrades at LifeCity.

We also hope to encourage more local businesses to sign up with LifeCity and get on the sustainability train, so we can send tourists in their direction as well. We hope that participating businesses will reciprocate with a mention of us on their website and physical site, e.g.:

“We proudly accept the NOLA DOUBLOON token in support of their efforts to safeguard the local heritage.“ (

Or, “We are a proud partner of NOLA DOUBLOON (, which offers the best historical tours in town and helps to safeguard the local heritage.

The holder of a DOUBLOON token may redeem it one time only. The business that accepts the token will keep it in their collection box until someone from DOUBLOON comes around to pick them up, so that they can begin their life cycle again.

Business owners who wish to participate and accept DOUBLOON tokens are asked to contact Michael at (subject line:  tokens). If you can include your logo and website URL, so much the better.


Michael Batterman