Member Testimonials

NOLA-Brewing“Working with LifeCity has just been bringing us to the next level in making sure that we are contributing to the community and the environment in the best ways that we can. Even when we thought we were being green, LifeCity showed us innovative ways to leverage our commitment to the environment to benefit our bottom line.”

-Kirk Coco, Owner, NOLA Brewing



“LifeCity taught us that even non-profits can save money by going green. We now save over $300 a month in purchasing costs and even more through our energy and water bill savings. We recommend any company, non-profit and for-profit alike, to become a member!”

-Kim Moss, Executive Director, Project Lazarus



Progressive-logo“After joining LifeCity, Progressive receives regular business from other LifeCity Certified companies. We are proud to join a community of people who support each other in building a more sustainable New Orleans. Best of all, it helps us keep and gain new clients!”

Katie VanDeventer, Recycling Representative, Progressive Waste Solutions


Cafe Carmo logo“LifeCity has been an active participant and mentor in helping Carmo achieve its sustainability goals. Liz Shephard’s expertise in existing green infrastructure/opportunities  and willingness to research and develop new solutions for us and our restaurant partners has had a major impact in our effectiveness, not to mention our bottom line. We look forward to a continued partnership with LifeCity in diminishing our current environmental impact while sustainably growing our business.”  – Dana Honn, Owner, Cafe Carmo