Meet Jasmine, Green Card Member Extraordinaire!

One of Jasmine's lovely gardens

One of Jasmine’s lovely gardens

By Charlotte Piper 

More than a membership: A Movement.”  But, what does our Green Card slogan really mean?

You may have purchased a Green Card because of the exciting and ever-growing list of discounts you receive around the community.  But we hope the Green Card becomes a gateway towards learning how to live a more sustainable life.

One such Green Card member Jasmine Fournier, has used her Green Card to turn her recently renovated home into the greenest on the block!  

For the past two years Jasmine has been renovating her home on St Claude. Ave in the Marigny into the beautiful blue house it is today. When visiting her home over the summer, she showed me the various fixtures and equipment she has installed to improve energy efficiency and incorporate sustainable practices into her everyday life. “As a homeowner, I have to consider what makes financial sense, and being sustainable just does,” says Jasmine. “With all the improvements I have made my house is 10-15% more energy efficient than it was before.”


The compost bin is kept in the backyard and accessible by her tenants

In her home, Jasmine has installed energy efficient lighting, renovated her insulation, and weather-stripped her doors and windows. She has also bought Energy Star equipment and installed Nest Thermostats on both sides of her double shotgun. When walking around the property, one is struck by her beautiful garden beds full of diverse flowers and vegetables that serve to manage storm water runoff. She also recycles!

But as Green Card Member, she has gone a few steps further.

rain barrel

The rain barrel provides water to her lush front garden.

At our “Green Your Home” workshop this past spring, she heard from a number of LifeCity Business Members about the various services they offered homeowners. In the months after the event, she has started solar leasing with Joule Energy, bought a compost bin and rain barrel from EcoUrban, and is considering completing a NOLA Wise energy audit in the Fall. “I had always planned to build with the right lighting and equipment, but being a Green Card member really connected me to ideas and companies I had not even considered before.”

And when asked her favorite Green Card hotspots, “I generally like to stop by the Green Project for some building materials before treating myself to a cupcake at Cake Café!”

Through our network of members, newsletters, blog and calendar, we bring together just some of the great sustainability events, news, and general goings-on happening everyday to connect Green Card Members with the growing sustainability movement in New Orleans.

We would love to hear your stories! Email with tales and pictures of how the Green Card has helped to green your life.