Louisiana’s 2030 Energy Efficiency Roadmap: Saving Energy, Lowering Bills, and Creating Jobs

ACEETaken from the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

This study finds that energy efficiency potential is largely untapped in Louisiana, and that a set of policies and programs can cost-effectively meet 5% cumulative of statewide electricity needs by 2020, increasing to 16% cumulative by 2030; and 3% cumulative of natural gas needs by 2020, increasing to 12% cumulative by 2030.CHP systems hold additional potential of about 1,500 MW of capacity by 2030. The set of recommended efficiency policies and programs in this report can reduce Louisiana’s energy costs by a net $4.2 billion over the life of the energy-saving measures.  The macroeconomic assessment finds that in 2030, greater energy efficiency will result annually in about $3 billion in net economic output, including $1 billion in wages, $663 million in business income to small business owners, 27,100 person-years of employment, and increased state and local tax revenue by $114 million.

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