Local Organizations Join Forces to Raise the Profile of Sustainable Development in the 2014 City Council and Mayoral Elections


Recognizing that city council members and the mayor play important roles in the promotion of sustainable development in New Orleans, local organizations have joined forces to educate voters about their positions on energy policy and transportation through a voter guide and a city council candidate debate.

Transportation for Livable Communities

On January 13th, a coalition of nine organizations (Bike Easy, Friends of the Lafitte Corridor, KidsWalk Coalition at Tulane University, Lower 9th Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development, Merritt C. Becker Jr. Transportation Institute at the University of New Orleans, Stay Local/Urban Conservancy, Ride New Orleans, Sierra Club, and the Vietnamese American Young Leaders Association) released a candidate questionnaire and voter guide on Transportation for Livable Communities.

The voter guide brings to light the fact that public transportation is both an environmental issue and a social issue, and a critical piece of building a sustainable economy. In New Orleans, 19 percent of households don’t have access to a vehicle, and transportation is the second highest expenditure for families – so for many New Orleans residents, having sustainable, safe, affordable and healthy transportation is vital in order to access jobs and critical services.

Energy Policy and Economic Development City Council Debate

Energy Policy and Economic Development City Council Debate

Additionally, on Friday, January 17th, LifeCity, The Alliance for Affordable Energy, Propellor and the Sierra Club hosted a city council candidate debate on Energy Policy and Economic Development. As regulators of our energy utility in New Orleans, city council members play a vital role supporting energy policy that is inclusive, sustainable and conducive to economic development.

Thanks to the work of these organizations, the importance of energy and transportation policies will be on the minds of candidates and voters alike on primary day, February 1st.

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