LifeCity welcomes 5 new Businesses to the Green Card!


Looking to make a difference with your consumer choices while saving money at the same time? Now you can! Buy the Green Card and get great discounts at the latest LifeCity certified green businesses in New Orleans:

  • The Arc of Greater New Orleans: 10% off Mardi Gras beads
  • Liberty’s Kitchen: 10% off
  • Eco Cafe: 10% off
  • Hollgrove Market and Farm: 10% off
  • Joule Energy: one FREE Solar Attic Fan ($1000 value) with the purchase of a Solar Panel System by Joule Energy
  • The Green Project: FREE $25.00 membership (which includes 5% off at the store)

So what makes each of these businesses green? Each business, while continually improving their sustainability score, has made their mark and at minimum pass LifeCity’s level 1 assessment that requires: recycling, utilizing recycled paper, no-smoking indoors, CFLreplacements, and an additional 20 points in any other category (energy, water, materials, commitment, and communication). Additionally, each company below has uniquely developed the following sustainable solutions for our community:

  • The Arc of Greater New Orleans provides a food and recycling enterprise while providing green jobs todisabledmembers within our community. See pictures below of their organic garden that sells vegetables and homemade soup to local restaurants interested in purchasing sustainable food resources. Additionally, the Arc recycles Mardi Gras beads at several locations throughout the community, making our favorite holiday cheaper and more environmentally friendly. arc
  • Liberty’s Kitchen provides at-risk youth, ages 16-21, with the opportunity to build a better future through their intensive training program that combines hands-on food-service training with classroom instruction, individual case management, education programs and job placement services and/or a return to an educational setting. They are committed to improving their environmental stewardship in addition to serving local food, providing compost-able take-out containers, and communicating their mission effectively to their customers and service providers.220px-Libertys_kitchen_logo_final_tagline
  • Eco Cafe remodeled their building after Katrina by utilizing reclaimed materials such as old doors, stairways, and recycled iron. Their commitment to reusing materials and recycling is now evident throughout their entire business process, from purchasing local food, to washing all napkins, to composting all of their food waste and donating it to a local farm (photo below).DSC_0998-1306266000
  • Hollygrove Market and Farm is a leader in not just sustainable agriculture, but also storm water management practices and community outreach. Located in the center of the Hollygrove neighborhood off of Olive St. (once a food desert but now a luscious agricultural center) you can pick up a large box of fresh, local fruits and vegetables from a network of nearby farms every Tuesday and Saturday for $25.00. It’s enough food to last for at least a week and while you eat, you can enjoy the fact that your food is healthy, supporting our local economy, and also more environmentally sustainable.PIC_0325-1306266028
  • Joule Energy is a leading solar company in New Orleans. If you are interested in installing solar panels for your business or home, they will provide you with an excellent service that is founded in sustainability. The company is generating a culture of sustainability throughout all of their work practices, encouraging bike commuting to work, enforcing company-wide sustainability policies, and installing a solar hot water heater system.Joule_Twitter
  • The Green Project operates a warehouse store and lumberyard to sell building materials that otherwise would go into New Orleans Area landfills. The non-profit is currently leading the Gumbo Green Games through its solar power generation, energy conservation practices, and commitment to recycling electronics, plastics, aluminum, metals, furniture, paint, food scraps, and many other items. See photo of solar panels below:PIC_0369-1306266247

We look forward to watching these businesses increase their rating throughout the Gumbo Green Games business competition!