LifeCity Member Impact Since Katrina

LifeCity is proud to say that through past nearly five years, we have supported over 300 organizations in improving their social and environmental impact. Here are some of the results!

  • Over 10 Million pounds diverted from landfills including

    • 819,000 plastic bottles eliminated through the use of water filtration

    • 2 million pounds of donations that are now being upcycled in our community and being sold to support local nonprofit programming

    • 8 million pounds of recycling generated and diverted from the landfill

  • Over 800,000 kWh of electricity saved through energy efficient lighting upgrades, amounting to:

    • $1,4000 in average cost savings / member 

    • Over 22,000 tons of CO2 emissions reduced

  • 345 Jobs created

Read stories about the amazing organizations that have made a difference on our new Value Louisiana website.

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