Tracking your Impact


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  • When you sign on as a LifeCity member, your account manager will perform a holistic assessment with you about your organization. This is used as your baseline impact score, which puts you at a Stage of Development. This stage will be displayed on your Impact Directory Profile.
  • Each April, you will fill out a survey that indicates your progress throughout the year. This, along with your baseline, will be entered into the Green Games competition. It will be graded based on overall impact and amount of progress your organization has made.
  • This repeats each year, creating a chart of your impact over time.


  • Through the assessment, you learn what you can do to increase your impact, productivity, and community relationships. You will set goals with your account manager, who will check in on them every quarter to help you achieve them.
  • Your account manager will connect you to service providers within the network via email. LifeCity members give each other discounts to help offset the cost of new sustainability initiatives. Please make sure to respond to these emails, or let your account manager know if you can’t.
  • You can request your goals sheet from your account manager at any time if you lose the original.

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