LifeCity, Lycee Francais, et Les Agents Verts

Lycee Francais de la Nouvelle Orleans (LFNO) joined LifeCity’s Green School Group last year in order to expand on their sustainability goals. LIfeCity and the LFNO Green Team began the year with setting up a strategy for becoming a zero-waste school, this was also LFNO’s project for the Louisiana Green Schools Challenge through USGBC Louisiana. Going zero-waste isn’t only limited to garbage, we looked at their lighting, and talked to teachers about maximizing daylight in classrooms and ensuring that technology is unplugged when not in use. The school added a recycling contract with Progressive Waste Solutions, which reduced enough waste that it allowed them to go from two trash dumpsters to one, and they procured a compost tumbler. LFNO  has always been very conscious about reducing the amount of waste that even needs to be recycled by using reusable dishes in the cafeteria and in the 2013-2014 school year, they worked with their food service vendor, Revolution Foods, to serve their food “family style” rather than in the recyclable plastic trays.

20141203_163409LifeCity helped train the student group “Les Agents Verts” (The Green Agents), which works during every lunch session to help all students with the sorting of recyclables, compostables, and waste. They wear their green apron and badge so that fellow students know who is on duty and some of them even give up some of their recess time to continue helping with the compost and recycling! Additionally, in order to reduce the amount of food waste overall, LFNO joined the Community Plates initiative, where they donate certain leftover food items that weren’t used by the students to be given to community agencies serving those in need. To date, they have donated approximately 600 lbs of food. The school also serves a collection spot for electronic waste and printer cartridges, not only for the teachers and staff, but also the families. The entire LFNO community has made major strides in being a more sustainable school and we are honored to have been able to be part of it!

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