LifeCity is Biking to Work on Tuesday, April 8th! Are you?

Central to our work at LifeCity is our mission to support the growth of certified green businesses or “for-benefit organizations.” We believe that businesses and organizations can make a profit or leverage a financially self-sustaining organizational model to provide public benefit, solving social and environmental challenges in innovative ways.

There are countless ways to do so, but in honor of NOLA BIke to Work Day 2014, we’d like to focus in on the power of bicycling to 1. green your business, 2. save you money and 3. benefit New Orleans – economically, environmentally, and socially.Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 1.09.05 PM

LifeCity is not only advocating that you implement some bicycle-friendly policies, we’re leading by example – doing it ourselves! Our mileage reimbursement rate is doubled for bicycling, compared to driving. In the last month, LifeCity employees biking to and from work has increased by 300%!

Green your business

Transportation to and from work and during the work day is responsible for a large part of most LifeCity members’ carbon footprint. By encouraging your employees to bike to work or for client meetings, you can make a big dent in your carbon footprint. You can support your customers in bicycle commuting by providing bicycle parking, and your employees by making sure they have access to additional bicycle facilities like showers (especially for Summer!).

Save money

It costs about $300/year to own and operate a bicycle vs $8,946 to own and operate a car. That’s a big difference.

LifeCity also incentivizes biking for its employees: $2 added to our paychecks for every day we bike to work, and $0.60/mile for biking to clients rather than the usual $0.50/mile afforded by car travel.

Provide public benefit

Biking takes up much less public street space than cars – it translates to less congestion, less air pollution and a less stressful environment for all your fellow citizens on their way to and from work.

Prioritizing active transportation (biking and walking) has also been show to have positive impacts on the local economy. Money saved when choosing to bike rather than drive, is funneled back into New Orleans – supporting jobs and the culture we love.

Lastly, nearly 20% of households in New Orleans don’t own a car. The best way to be an advocate for safer cycling and thus a more equitable New Orleans is to get on your bike and ride.

How to get involved in NOLA Bike to Work Day 2014:

  • Register here – you’ll be entered to win a free bicycle!
  • Join the neighborhood group ride closest to you and ride with fellow bicycle commuters to the ride-in reception at Lafayette Square for free coffee and breakfast
  • Celebrate Bike to Work Day at a free happy hour at the Soda Shop at the World War II Museum from 5-8pm
  • Schedule a free bike commuter workshop during lunch at your business or office! contact  or to set on up!

Bike to Work Day 2014 Poster