June Tip of the Month!

There is no doubt that the best nutrition comes from the freshest veggies. My favorite fact to tell folks is that when you harvest a Vegetable/Fruit from the Plant, it immediately begins to decompose, naturally. This is often one of those details we don’t think of when buying produce. Imagine the produce coming from out of state or even worse, outside of the country that could be over a week old. You’re buying that produce for it’s taste, not it’s nutritional value. Here are a couple ways you can up your Nutrition Game:

1) Grow your own! This is the most rewarding experience of all. Not only do you get the freshest produce from your backyard, but the act of gardening has it’s health benefits too! Studies show that by simply touching soil, you increase Serotonin levels,  which makes you feel good! If you’re interested in growing food, there’s a few ways to get started. Depending on your space and light, you can plant veggies in pots or in Raised Beds. Plants have 3 major needs: Soil, Light and Water.  Find Organic Soil that has a nice mix of Compost. While most “fruiting” veggies need Full Sun (6+ hours a day), don’t fret if your space has minimal light! Lettuces and herbs can do just fine in Part Sun (3-5 hours a day). Then, there’s water. In these hot summer months, daily water may be necessary. If possible, look into Irrigation. It’s worth it! While you’re at it, consider Rainwater Collection! Rainwater has higher levels of Nitrogen and other Nutrients that will benefit your plants. Check out Greenlight New Orleans to help you with a Rain barrel setup! If you need additional help setting up a garden, Instar Farms is here for you! We design, install and even maintain Edible Gardens along with Sustainable Landscaping in order to give you a successfully producing and beautiful garden!
2) If you don’t have the space for a Veggie Garden but want the freshest produce, check out our local Farmer’s Markets. This is an excellent way to support the community, lower your environmental footprint and get healthy food! Crescent City Farmer’s Markets has multiple locations throughout the Greater New Orleans area as well as different Market Days. You can also stop by Laughing Buddha Nursery in Metairie that has a variety of fresh grown, seasonal veggies, sustainably raised meat, eggs and dairy products!
If you’re interested in learning more about Nutrition, Growing Food, or Sustainable Gardening, feel free to reach out! You can follow Instar Farms on Social Media @instarfarms. You can also contact Erika Nolan, the Founder & CEO, directly at (504) 231-8475. Here’s to happy, healthy eating!