January’s Green Tip of the Month!

Our relationship with water here in New Orleans is such a touchy one! Every down pour of rain is met with at least one New Orleanian’s cringe. LifeCity wants to change that cringe into a grin by showing creative rain solutions can make all the difference in reducing flooding and reducing your water bill. 

You have the opportunity to capture stormwater by investing in rain barrels. This will reduce flooding around your house and you can use it to water your plants! In this month’s tip, we want to remind you that elevating your rain barrel will increase the water pressure and make it easier to use.

LifeCity Client Greenman Dan offers this and many more creative drainage solutions.

Here are a few rain barrel tips and tricks

  • To set up a rain-barrel system in your yard, you have to choose a location with a gutter you can shorten and reroute.
  • If you don’t like the look of standard rain barrels, you can decorate them, paint them, or surround them in ivy and potted plants. Try spray-painting silhouettes of native leaves and branches.
  • Don’t drink rain-barrel water. The bacteria formed in a barrel of rain water can make a person deathly ill if consumed.
  • Cover and screen to prevent insects from entering or any roof debris

By investing in a rain barrel, you are helping us build a more sustainable New Orleans! Thank you for doing your part.