Introducing the Benefit Corporation: a step-by-step primer on becoming a B Corporation in Louisiana

Thanks to your support, LifeCity was able to hep support recent State legislation that allows your business to become a B Corporation: a company that uses the power of business to create public benefit. This new class of corporation allows you to appeal to the growing group of consumers, investors, and regulators seeking business leaders that not only bring a financial, but also a social and environmental return on investment.

The Green Committee of the Chamber of Commerce, co-chaired by LifeCity, is proud to sponsor this first of a series of workshops that will help your business tap into the growing Green or Impact Economy. Thank you for joining us in using business to create a stronger, more sustainable New Orleans!

$10 for Chamber Members
$20 for Non-Chamber Members
Keynote Speaker:
David C. Rieveschl
Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC

Panel Discussion about Benefit Corporations featuring:
Liz Shephard—LifeCity, moderator
Melissa Ehlinger—New Orleans Business Alliance
Andrea Chen—Propeller: A Force for Social Innovation
Tippy Tippens—Matter L3C

What is a Benefit Corporation?
A Benefit Corporation is a new class of corporation that allows a corporation to consider society and the environment as a whole while creating a business with higher standards of accountability and transparency. For more info on Benefit Corporations, visit and

Why learn about becoming a Benefit Corporation?
-Attract impact investors
-Differentiate your business
-Stay on track with your higher ethical standards

Who is Eligible?
-If you have only a business idea, you can incorporate directly as a B-Corp
-If you are a C-Corp, LLC or L3C, you can convert to a B-Corp in a few, easy steps

Partners: New Orleans Business Alliance, LifeCity, B-Lab, Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC, Adams and Reese LLP, Fishman Haygood Phelps Walmsley Willis & Swanson, LLP, and Graffagnini & Associates.

We need businesses by August 1st!
Propeller: A Force for Social Innovation, will coordinate a pro bono legal team to help your business transition to a Benefit Corporation by August 1st if you believe a B-Corp structure is the right fit for you! For more info on Benefit Corporations, visit For questions, contact Andrea Chen at