Interview with David Magee of CLEAResult

An interview with David Magee of Clear Result, Program Consultant with the Energy Smart Program. David specializes in the commercial Energy Smart Program.

What is the Energy Smart Program?

  • The program was developed by the City of New Orleans and administered by Entergy New Orleans. The purpose of the program is to provide incentives for performing energy upgrades while reducing energy use and the carbon footprint of homes and businesses. One of the main focuses of the program is to educate people on energy savings, there are a lot of things people can do that are not costly but have great energy saving benefits, and a lot of them you can do yourself!

 Who qualifies?

  • Anyone that’s an Entergy New Orleans customer, there are both residential and commercial programs. For commercial, there are small and large programs. Qualifying large commercial facilities use an average of 100 kw or greater and small commercial use less than 100 kw.

What are some common energy saving tips?

  • For commercial buildings, the most common and easy way to save energy is on lighting, we recommend switching to LED. There are also changes you can make with air conditioning, energy management systems, energy efficient refrigeration, window tinting and more.

What are some results that you have seen with the program?

  • Folgers Coffee did a compressed air system upgrade and it’s saving them about 1.2 million kilowatt hours per year, which is about enough energy to provide electricity to 80 homes per year. We have seen small retail businesses save over $500 month. I’ve seen companies switch that keep the A/C on all the time to combat the heat coming from incandescent lights. Making the switch to LED lighting can help keep the building so much cooler. One of the ways restaurants have saved on energy is with the more energy efficient ‘EC motor’ for refrigeration. Some of the new regulations actually require these types of motors. The program helps everyone because it’s actually cheaper to reduce energy use than to build new infrastructure for more energy production. Overall, the Energy Smart program is a great use of resources.

When does the program end?

  • It’s set to end at the end of this year. You can receive up to $50,000 in incentive funds. You gotta move on this.