Teleconferencing is the live exchange of information across organizations and among coworkers and business affiliates. The internet or telephone is used to provide audio, video or data services in real time.

Why this Matters

For My Organization

Teleconferencing decreases employees’ overall travel time and improves work-life balance. It can help increase worker productivity and hiring and retention of top talent. It also allows organizations to maintain strong relationships with regional affiliates and global teams.¬†With less traveling, organizations can vastly decrease their CO2 impact.¬†Teleconferencing also encourages telecommuting, which also improves employee flexibility and lower’s an organization’s carbon footprint.

For New Orleans

Teleconferencing allows organizations in New Orleans to more easily realize their full potential. It also decreases traveling and commuting for New Orleans workers, which in turn decreases city pollution, congestion and traffic.


Free in most cases, may include technology training and outfitting costs