Recycling Bin Access

Recycling is most likely to be adopted when it is convenient for people. Ideally, recycling bins should be more accessible than trash cans.  If recycling bins are paired with each trash can in the building, the option is made more convenient to use.

Why this Matters

For My Organization

The benefits of recycling non-traditional items are numerous and include: reduction in waste, potential cost savings, reduction in garbage collection, energy savings, and feeling like a responsible entity in society.

For New Orleans

Recycling is a vital first step to protecting the environment for future generations. For New Orleans, going the extra step to recycle glass, metals, and other non-traditional items reduces waste in landfills and the need for incineration, saves energy, decreases air and water pollution, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. New Orleanians will be healthier and happier with recycling.



Transporting items to appropriate drop-off points
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