Provide Transitional or Equitable Employment

Equitable employment ensures that those who are often shut out of the economy, like people of color, veterans, women, and ex-offenders, become part of the fabric of our local Impact Economy.  Women are paid on average 23% less per hour than men; disabled people are twice as likely to be out of work; people from ethnic minority backgrounds are nearly a fifth less likely to find work; and one in five older people are refused quotes for motor or travel insurance, or car hire.

Why this Matters

For My Organization

Every individual and organization deserves an equal opportunity to create and prosper in our community.  Equitable employment practices can help distinguish your organization as a leader in social impact.

For New Orleans

A healthy and competitive economy draws on the talents and ability of all people; furthermore, a more equitable community is at greater peace with itself.  For example, concentrating poverty and social problems in segregated neighborhoods creates the physical and social conditions that increase the likelihood of violence.

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