Non-Cypress Mulch

Most mulch is made from Cypress trees that are currently being cut down at a faster rate then they are growing. Most Cypress trees come from  wetlands in Louisiana and Florida and when they are cut down the wetlands are destroyed, affecting local ecosystems and city storm management.

Why this Matters

For My Organization

Cypress mulch is not a sustainable and renewable product for a company. It does not provide good water drainage, may prevent some plants from growing, lacks in durability and its color fades easily.  It is very easy for businesses to use alternative plants for mulch like, melaleuca, eucalyptus, pine bark or pine needles. These materials are abundant and in some cases often inhibit the growth of unwanted native plants. 

For New Orleans

Using non-cypress mulch is a way to decrease Cypress production and maintain the surrounding wetlands in order to provide storm protection for the city.


$2-$5 per cu.ft. depending on type of alternative
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