Healthy Food Access

The 2008 Farm Bill defined a “food desert” as an area in the United States with limited access to affordable and nutritious food, particularly such an area composed of predominantly lower-income neighborhoods and communities.

Why this Matters

For My Organization

Improving healthy food access improves the health of our fellow citizens in New Orleans which ultimately means that our tax payer dollars spent in health care are better utilized.  Additionally, if your organization resides in a food dessert, you may be able to take advantage of government or financial incentives to help support healthy food access.

For New Orleans

More than 23 million people in America live in food deserts – urban neighborhoods and rural towns without ready access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food. This lack of access contributes to a poor diet and can lead to higher levels of obesity and other diet-related illness, such as diabetes and heart disease.  New Orleans in particular has a high rate of food desserts and many local public schools do not have access to healthy, fresh food.

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