Implementing a Strategic Plan

How to Implement your Strategic Plan


Sometimes the hardest part of an initiative is keeping it going and holding people accountable to the part they committed to do. An initiative coordinator who is responsible for checking in with action drivers, troubleshooting with subcommittee leaders and encouraging everyone with enthusiastic energy can be a big help, but probably the biggest motivator is achieving milestones and seeing tangible examples of a stronger impact economy as the fruit of everyone’s labor.  


How to Implement ∇


  • KEEP TRACK of when the subcommittees are meeting and how they are progressing on their action items. As much as you can put this burden on one coordinator the better: keep tasks easy and straightforward for subcommittees, and don’t bombard folks with long to do lists and emails.
  • CELEBRATE PROGRESS at each larger committee meeting by recognizing individuals, subcommittees, and the initiative’s accomplishments. This is important for deepening the bond of collective impact.
  • CONTINUE TO STRENGTHEN RELATIONSHIPS AND COMMUNICATION by picking up the phone and grabbing a coffee with committee members. Collective impact is about leveraging relationships, which are exponentially strengthened by face-to-face interaction. This initiative requires a commitment to creating a long-term relationship with your committee members.