Impacts of the 2015 Green Games: Highlighting our Members’ Positive Impacts

20150514LifeCityGreenGames-351Congratulations to all of the contestants, finalists, and award winners of the 2015 Green Games! We had an amazing group of local companies and organizations that are collectively making a tremendous impact across New Orleans and Louisiana. Over the past year, these organizations that participated in the Games made an impressive amount of progress in building a sustainable business community in New Orleans.

4.30.15_Green Games flier_ hand out with agenda_outlinesHere are the basics of this year’s Green Games:

  • 67 organizations competed
  • 9 award categories
  • 78% of organizations had a social mission
  • 84% had an environmental mission

Collective Impact

Collectively, our participants made a massive positive impact across Greater New Orleans:

  • > 5,000 miles biked, saving over 2 tons of carbon emissions
  • 5M kWh energy conserved through energy efficiency improvements
  • > 600 tons oyster shells kept out of landfills
  • 30,000 sq. ft. of white roofs installed
  • 28,000 trees planted across New Orleans
  • 2,190 full time equivalent jobs across SE Louisiana
  • $128.9M in annual revenue

20150514LifeCityGreenGames-329Impact Improvements

Over the past year, our participants made huge improvements to their environmental and social impact. From renewable energy to staff benefits, these amazing organizations improved significantly during the 2014-2015 Green Games. All improvements are shown in terms of the percent increase in adoption of these sustainable practices (e.g. a 20% increase in recycling means that of the 67 organizations who participated, 20% more of them began recycling during the 2014-2015 Green Games who were not recycling previously). Here are some of the specific impact improvements that they made:

1. Carbon Neutrality

Our participants are working hard to lead a shift to a carbon neutral economy. From renewable energy to LED lighting, the 2015 Green Games participants are leading the way in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving energy. This impact cannot be overstated, especially since New Orleans has been identified as the nation’s most vulnerable city to climate change. Below are some of the key improvements that our participants made since last year. As seen below, 44% more of these companies began using LED lighting compared to last year, and 30% more companies are using renewable energy than before this year’s Green Games. One participant, Hike for KaTREEna, has planted over 28,000 trees, offsetting over 4,100 tons of carbon!20150514LifeCityGreenGames-281

2. Waste Reduction

The 2014-2015 Green Games catalyzed a major improvement in waste reduction and recycling across our participants. For example, 42% of participants started composting and 20% started recycling glass. One of our participants, Bourbon House, has even kept over 600 tons of oyster shells from entering landfills, instead using them for coastal restoration efforts!

3. Team Happiness

This year’s participants have made great improvements in promoting the health and wellbeing of their staff. Employing a total of 2,190 people across the New Orleans region, the Green Games participants are leading the way in staff benefits, living wages, and diversity/inclusivity. In the past year, 11% more companies started offering a living wage and 44% more are now covering health insurance for employees.

20150514LifeCityGreenGames-304-24. Community and Ecosystem

This year’s Green Games led to considerable improvements in impacts to the community and ecosystem. 67% of companies who participated began using rain gardens during this year’s Games and 14% more are now doing community workshops.

Congratulations to all of our 2015 Green Games contestants, finalists, and winners! These impacts are truly inspiring and LifeCity is proud to be a part of the amazing leadership of these companies. We look forward to seeing you at our 5 annulal Green Games!