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ArtEgg Studios


ArtEgg Studios is a multi-use commercial rental building for artists with energy efficient building characteristics.

Stanley’s Custom Creations


Stanley’s Custom Creations is a small local business that specializes in creating affordable, custom furniture and decorations utilizing recycled local material and formed concrete to … Continue reading

New Orleans City Park


City Park is one of the oldest urban parks in the country. City Park is as magical and unique as the city of New Orleans. … Continue reading

New Orleans Conventions & Visitors Bureau


The New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau is a nationally accredited, 1,100-member destination marketing organization and the largest and most successful private economic development corporation in … Continue reading

Potsalot Pottery


New Orleans’ award winning potters Cindy and Alex Williams started their shop on Magazine St. in 1993. Today, Potsalot Pottery boasts a wide variety of … Continue reading

Second Line Stages


Second Line Stages is an environmentally responsible film production company. The studio operations are designed to enable cleaner, smarter, more responsible physical production practices.

Strike it Green


Strike it Green warehouses recycled set components, set dressings, props, production materials and wardrobe for future projects. These items are then available for rental or … Continue reading

Eco Green Clean


Eco Green Clean was born out of the will to improve our city, our environment. Green Clean is ideal for businesses and properties requiring quick … Continue reading

Unique Products


Unique Products is committed to eco education and helping bring sustainable ideas and designed to a city in the throws of rebirth since the environmental … Continue reading

Urban Earth Studios


An upscale florist and wedding and event design house.