How we built the Impact Directory

Impact DirectoryWhoa!  The Impact Directory is a long time coming!

First it was called the Sustainable Asset Directory, then the Green Business Directory, and now – the Impact Directory!  We’re really – really – REALLY excited its finally here.  We hope you are too.

Many of us, individuals and businesses alike, seek to live more sustainable lives, build stronger, smarter businesses, and ultimately, a more healthy and equitable New Orleans!  But we can’t make these changes alone.  We need to find the businesses in our community who can help us get there.  That’s what the Impact Directory is for – it helps you meet your needs with the best local sustainable companies available.

LifeCity is not the only one who thinks this is important.  In fact, for many years, the “green” or “sustainability” community has been saying, “can we please congregate this information in one place? I’m tired of google searching!”

Many of us sought to find a solution.  Greater New Orleans, Inc. established a Green Asset Directory as a part of their environmental program.  Global Green published a Sustainable Building Directory.  Even our local library created a green directory called “Village Green”.

LifeCity took all of these various directories, added to them, and reorganized them under the basic needs of people and organizations – (i.e., food, water, buildings, etc). The Impact Directory is a collection of companies nationwide that either have sustainable products and services or have implemented green initiatives within their organization, or both.

And then we provided PROOF: the photos and indicators that make each certified company in our directory verifiably green.  This is a cornerstone of our business.  Finally, we can show you how each business is a truly green, instead of leaving it a mystery.

This Directory is the result of years of research, work, and creativity.  Please help us make it worthwhile by offering your feedback and using it whenever you can to make a more sustainable choice in your life.  It is still in the beta phase, so it has lots of room for growth!