How to use the Impact Directory

Impact DirectoryWelcome to the Impact Directory!  This is the place where you can find the organizations who can help you live a more sustainable life or run a more sustainable organization.

There are 3 primary ways you can use the directory: search by keywords, search by visual topical categories, or search by written categories including topics, social and environmental indicators, and location.

First, you can do a keyword search by simply typing into the search box on the homepage or sidebar page.

Second, you can search by scrolling over the large circular images to see subcategories within each image to search by a topic.

Third, you can search by clicking on “Advanced Search” and selecting specific topics or impacts or locations that interest you.  For example, you can search for all the “restaurants” that also “compost”.   See below for a definition of each written category:

  1. Business Category:  These categories define the types of products, service, or mission an organization has.
  2. Basic Information: This category defines the basic qualities of a business that does not signify a social or environmental impact.
  3. Social Impact: This category refers to the ways in which a company supports and uplifts people through education, design, health, and equity.
  4. Environmental Impact: These indicators reveal ways to measure how well a company preserves our natural resources today and for future generations
  5. Location: The rough neighborhood area in which a business is found


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