Top 10 Ways to Green the Gras



It’s hard to be green when purple and gold rule the streets during Mardi Gras season. In the midst of the carnival craziness, New Orleans wastes tons of food, energy, and recyclables that can easily be saved, reused or conserved. Here are a few easy ways you can cut down on your environmental impact while not cutting down on the fun. Read on and enjoy a fun, safe, and green Mardi Gras!



  1. Before your big party, stock up on locally grown food and New Orleans manufactured brews from places like Laurel Street Bakery and NOLA Brewery.
  2. While you’re there, make sure you use your reusable bag to carry the goods home.
  3. Get your crazy garb at a thrift stores like Buffalo Exchange and Restoration Thrift for a vintage Mardi Gras style.
  4. Don’t forget to turn off all your lights and air conditioning when you leave for your long day of celebrating.
  5. Walk, ride your bike, or take the streetcar to beat that Mardi Gras traffic.
  6. Bring your own reusable water bottle to stay hydrated on the parade routes.
  7. Bring your green card with you so you can get discounts on your favorite mid-parade stops.
  8. If you made too much food for the party, share it with neighbors instead of throwing it away.
  9. Recycle your beads at Arc of Greater New Orleans.
  10. Save your Mardi Gras decorations so you can reuse them next year.