How to Be Clutter Free in 2016

It’s already two weeks into 2016 and those daunting resolutions seem to be fleeting thoughts again this year. At LifeCity, we want you to have the most productive and efficient lifestyle possible and that begins with putting your New Years goals into action. Start fresh this year by eliminating clutter while also making a difference in the lives of others and having more room to focus on your big picture aspirations. There are a number of diverse LifeCity members that provide essential services to our community and make clearing out spaces a manageable task.

Here are six ways to set a cleaner path into 2016:


1. Get rid of things you haven’t touched in over a year

Whether in your closet, cabinets, or garage, there are going to be items that you will most likely never use again. These things may also simply be placeholders to make the space look more full so you don’t have to buy new products. In reality, 80% of what we keep we never use, and this abundance of stuff simply goes to waste and warrants disorder and stress when it comes time to finding a specific object. It is tough to give away things we think we may need, yet there are more effective ways to put these items to use for the greater good. Consider donating to Restoration Thrift, Bridge House, and Habitat ReStore, where gently used products are reused and sold to benefit many members of the community that may not have originally had access to them.


2. Make a plan to recycle

Ranging from large to small, glass to plastic, household to building items, recycling is a key way to reduce the amount of waste produced both in the long and short terms. With taking only a few more minutes out of your day to decipher what can be recycled and lead to a more sustainable city and future, there is no reason not to make the conscious effort to save unused objects from reaching landfills. Through Progressive Waste Recycling’s innovative technologies, almost any household item can be recycled, making the process that much easier and valuable. Additionally, The Green Project aims to use construction materials that are in good conditions, such as paints, doors, and even appliances, to their fullest capacities. Both of these local organizations offer accessible ways to establish a cleaner home and city.


3. Organize spaces

Over 70% of clutter in homes is a result of disorganization, not lack of space. Therefore, one of the most important strategies to developing a clear space is to arrange the objects around you into a more organized system. Excess materials in your surroundings can negatively impact your ability to focus, process information, and address other issues. If you’re having trouble confronting the two practices listed above and still want to be more organized, hiring Clear the Clutter services can help you to attain more immaculate living conditions without the stress of confronting an enormous project, while still recycling and donating a majority of unwanted goods. Even after the original process, make sure to clean gradually so that the mess does not pile up in the future.


4. Utilize reusable bags

According to ReUseIt, Americans use and throw away over 100 billion plastic bags every year. There’s no time like the present to start to change this statistic. The effort must come from every person and every home. Having an abundance of plastic bags not only is bad for the planet as a whole but also increases the amount of clutter in your home. Reusable bags are available at most local stores, and the few dollars they cost outweigh the amount of tax dollars spent on producing and disposing plastic bags. You can also make a difference citywide by signing the “Ban the Bag” petition by No Waste NOLA that will serve to enhance environmental safety and put an end to single-use plastic bags.


5. Open your mind

Having good mental health and a clear mind are also crucial ways to ensure a clean and successful 2016. By being mindful of your actions, emotions, and obligations, you will be able to achieve much more on a daily basis, whether that is organizing at home or accomplishing goals at work. Living Wild and Precious life coaching is a straightforward method to becoming in touch with nature and the soul through experiential sessions of learning to accept the self and the simplicity of life. No matter the time of day, it is always important to eliminate clutter in your head so that you can do the same with the spaces around you and live in a more open environment.


6. Most importantly, do a little bit everyday

Seeing a long list of time-consuming projects can be overwhelming. It’s vital to living and cleaning to take one thing at a time and turn long-term goals into daily achievable tasks.