Greentrepreneur: Mr. Green Jeans Insulation

Mr. Green Jeans Insulation is the leading spray-foam, cellulose, and radiant barrier insulation contractor in South Louisiana.

A veteran’s owned spray foam insulation company servicing South Louisiana and Mississippi. Their goal at Mr. Green Jeans is to provide their clients with the most affordable spray foam insulation, installed with by the most experienced installers in the South, with the best customer service of any company in the industry. The employees of Mr. Green Jeans Insulation have been installing insulation with over 30 years of combined experience. This same team has installed insulation in over 6,000 homes to date. No other insulation company can provide that kind of industry knowledge. When you go with Mr. Green Jeans, you go with the best in the industry, guaranteed.

As we celebrate energy independence this July see what Mr. Green Jeans is doing to create a more sustainable New Orleans.

  1. What are some of your proudest moments as owner/employee of (your company)?

The proudest moments I have as a business owner are the times when we hire new employees or when we can afford to give current employees a raise.  As a company we invest in our community and its sustainability whether that is through energy efficiency or, just as important human capital.  Affording better lives by helping build careers is what drives me as a business owner.  Our employees matter as they are what drive our business.  A healthy bottom line is only sustainable by retaining good employees and good employees make for a much more efficient and effective organization.

  1. How does your organization go about improving your social and environmental impacts?

Our company focuses on increasing energy efficiency in homes throughout South Louisiana.  Whether that is through installing weatherization, adding insulation or simply just testing homes to set benchmarks; our company has saved South Louisiana homeowners over 6MWh of electricity since January of this year!  To put that in perspective, that is over $60,000 in energy savings since the beginning of this year for local homeowners and we anticipate an even greater percentage as we ramp up even more throughout this year.  Our goal is to be saving at least $250,000 in energy savings per year for local residents.

  1. What partnerships have you formed in order to leverage sustainable impact as a company?

A big partnership we have leveraged is with the Advanced Building Practices Committee of our local Home Builder Association.  We are making inroads to encourage homebuilders to build more sustainably.  Whether it is through new construction or remodeling a home, home builders are beginning to see the advantages of building more sustainable as their customers are demanding it by not only producing a more comfortable home but also a home that is less expensive to live in over time, and one that is healthier as well.

  1. If you had a magic wand to change one thing that would make it easier for your company or other New Orleans businesses to go green, what would that thing be?

Insulation everywhere SHAZAM!!!! I know it may seem like a menial idea but the best way to save money for any business or home is to have it insulated properly.  It is relatively inexpensive and the benefits are astronomical.  Often, when we perform in-home energy efficiency testing, we find that just by adding a few more “R” value of insulation can drastically change the homeowner’s yearly energy savings.  It is funny people’s perception is that insulation is expensive.  I often show people who live in many of the raised homes here in New Orleans that air is poring through their subfloor.  We encourage them to add closed cell spray foam to the underside of their home to not only insulate but also to air seal and weatherize the underside of the house.  This product ends up being cheaper than installing carpet and it provides a much more comfortable home and a home that is dramatically more affordable to live in.

  1. What advice would you give to other businesses who are trying to improve their internal practices to benefit their city and state?

Invest in your people; employees and customers.  Your employees invest their lives into your company to provide for the families by provide your services.  Your customers invest their hard earned money into those services because they feel like has value to them and their family.  People make business happen by either providing or buying goods so it is people that need the most concentration of any business owner……a little attention to accounting never hurts either.