Greentrepeneur – Joule Energy

By Will Martin

Joule Energy presents an energy solution that will make your home, business and wallet a whole lot greener. They are a solar energy company based in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans areas that has installed over 1 megawatt of solar panels (enough to power approximately 1,000 homes) in the Southeastern United States. Joule Energy’s solar panels can be integrated into the design of new buildings or, as they have done on their own office building, added onto existing structures. The company has become a flagship for business sustainability through their efforts to infuse solar energy components into all levels of society, from homes and businesses all the way up to the federal level.

Their roof-mounted solar panels can more than half domestic electricity bills and since the price of panels has decreased by nearly 30% over the past two years, it has become even more economical to convert homes and businesses alike to solar energy.

Need more incentive? Ross Reilly of Joule Energy states, “The cost of solar panels is at an all-time low, so businesses that have a long-term view can easily justify the investment.” In fact, in just eight years the panels pay for themselves in terms of electricity saved. And don’t forget to take into account the environmental impact reduction inherent in every solar panel.

If the name Joule Energy sounds familiar, you might recognize them from their accomplishments at this year’s Green Games. Joule Energy tied in the most-improved office category, primarily for their installation of a 28 Kilowatt assembly of solar panels on the roof of their warehouse. The solar panel display features different types of panels that exemplify to prospective customers the advantages and drawbacks of different types of solar panels. The display also doubles as a testing site where Joule Energy can witness firsthand how their products work and how the panels hold up against Louisiana’s natural elements.

As for panel assembly, Joule Energy boasts a versatile roster of inverters that can meet the energy requirements of any size building. Their solar panels use photovoltaic cells to create electricity in the form of direct current, or “DC.” However, in order for that electricity to be transmitted to outlets, it must be converted to an alternating current, or “AC.” The inverter transforms the DC from the solar panel into the transmittable alternating current, and the selection of inverters from Joule Energy allows for a catered inverter type to ensure maximum efficiency is achieved from the solar panels. The end result is a borderline proprietary system tuned specifically for your home or business, and an unparalleled deliverance of clean, renewable, and unmetered solar energy.

Joule Energy’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the services they offer and also in the improvements they have made to their business. When it comes to sustainability, one size does not fit all. By offering integrated and specialized design options, Joule Energy works with homeowners and business to find energy solutions that work best for the consumers’ spaces and needs.