Green Seminar Recap: Reducing Paper Waste in Business

Paperless Marketing 2Last week’s Green Seminar was an exciting and informative event promoting efficiency in business practices. Megan Hargroder of Conversations, a local a social media strategy company, led our discussion on Paperless Marketing. Hargroder focused on efficiency in every aspect of business, demonstrating several tactics for minimizing both paper waste and busy work in daily business proceedings. These tips were not limited to marketing, but also included methods for paperless billing, financial tracking and digital contracts. The presentation covered several online tools, such as Freshbooks, PayPal, Contractually, Facebook, MailChimp, and other softwares that effectively save paper and time while keeping business records organized.

Hargroder also covered Conversations’ strong point: online marketing. Seminar guests received tips on how to use the local advertising power of Facebook, how to avoid sending “junk mail,” and how to test and track your online marketing strategies.

The Q&A portion of the forum included dialogue over the pros and cons of various online software programs, and addressed details, benefits, costs and features of each. 

For those who couldn’t make it, here are Megan’s top 5tips for a paperless workplace:

Paperless Marketing 3

1. Use Freshbooks for easy, organized, paperless accounting that can be accessed from any device.

2. Reduce effort and waste by creating legal contracts online, especially through

3. Set up business listings on Yelp, Google+, and Facebook as the most effective way to improve your company’s SEO.

4. Test marketing effectiveness by creating three separate campaigns and monitoring the success of each individually.

5. Avoid sending junk mail by creating value, “making it pretty”, and including a call to action.

After the seminar, LifeCity and guests met with Kristin Pierre, director of the EPA’s E3 program. Read more about the E3 Opportunity Meeting here.

Conversations empowers companies to be more effective online through the use of smart strategies, customized techniques and engaging conversations. Utilize Megan’s expertise and be sure to ask about Conversations’ Green Marketing Guide.