Meet the Vendors: Green Gifts and Holiday Market!

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11.19.14_green gifts_chamber The annual Green Gifts and Holiday Market is back at the Healing Center! There will be lots of local vendors and happy hour drinks, so come and celebrate our vibrant business community during this holiday season. We've profiled our vendors below and will add to the list as more join. Mark your calendars for this family-friendly marketplace!

Thursday, December 18th 5:30pm-7:30pm New Orleans Healing Center RSVP

 1. Tchoup Industries Certification_Sticker 

12.9.14_tchouplogo Owner: Patti Dunn Sells: Cut and sewn backpacks and other bags/accessories right here in NOLA! Local and recycled materials are used whenever possible. Connect: Website, Facebook, Twitter    

 2. New Orleans Green LLC Certification_Sticker

New Orleans GreenOwner: Rosalie Torres Sells: Sustainable potted plants, vintage home wares, upcycled garden art! Connect: Website, Facebook

3. Heartsleeve

heartsleeveOwner: Bernie January & Natasha Noordhoff Sells: Tees to support great local Causes with a portion of each sale. Shirts are created in pairs so friends can Show Some Love for their favorite Causes, together. Connect: Website, Facebook, Twitter

4. NOLA Beaux Ties

nolabeauxties Owner: Dave Holt Sells: Hand-made 100% cotton bow ties. Holiday and Mardi Gras themed designs as well as our regular New Orleans patterns and colors. Connect: Website, Facebook, Twitter

5. Jess Leigh Jewels

1450089_613492792032130_1906329641_n   Owner: Jess Leigh Sells: Repurposed Vintage Costume Jewelry Connect: Website, Facebook  

6. Pearl Wine Co. Certification_Sticker

Pearl Wine Co Owner: Leora Madden Sells: Craft wine, liquor and beer, wine accessories, locally produced mixers and simple syrups, accessories, gift wrapping, holiday gift sets, and delicious punch! Connect: Website, Facebook, Twitter

7. Birthmark // Matter Inc.

birthmark-logo purple gold MatterIncLogo Owners: Dana Keren & Tippy Tippens Sells: Baby blankets, locally made journals, bags and soaps. Connect Birthmark: Website, Facebook Connect Matter Inc.: Website, Facebook, Twitter

8. Delabonics

Owner: Colette Delacroix Sells: WHAT COLOR IS LOVE by Colette Delacroix: charming children's book written and self published by New Orleans local, and SCRAPPY: hand-made infant cloth doll designed and made by New Orleans local.

9. Sarah's Pet Care Revolution Certification_Sticker

sarah's Owner: Sarah Covert Sells:
  • Environmentally smart pet care services: dog walking, cat sitting, pet sitting, dog training, dog socialization, overnight pet care in client's home
  • Biscuits in a bottle provided by 20 Dogs in a Bowl: All-natural, human grade, dog safe ingredients for dog treats in a reusable glass bottle with dog bone-shaped cookie cutter.
  • Cat and dog toys handmade from repurposed materials
  • Family Fun Holiday Gift Baskets- fun for the whole family, including your pets! These will have homemade pet shampoo, homemade pet toys from repurposed materials, biscuits in a bottle, and pet related pre-owned children's books.
Connect: Website, Facebook

10. Never Met Her Vintage

Owner: Carlotte Blancher Sells: Repurposed and Vintage Clothing and Accessories (the shop inside the Healing Center!)

11. The Green Project Certification_Sticker

The Green ProjectDirector of Development: Christal White Sells: Gift certificates, gift memberships, t-shirts and other small gifts. Connect: Website, Facebook, Twitter      

12. Commune Vintage

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 10.36.54 AMOwner: Sheena Troia Sells: 100% green clothing line consisting of Upcycled vintage, vintage goods, and pieces made from vintage fabrics.  Connect: Website, Instagram, Pinterest    

13. Bath Fitter

bathfitterRepresentative: Ka'Mili Grayson Sells: Bath Fitter makes every effort to make bathroom remodeling as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • Installing a new bathtub liner or tub surround over the top of the old one eliminates the need to rip out old fixtures. This lightens the load for already overburdened landfills and reduces the amount of debris that needs disposal
  • Acrylic bathtubs are good insulators, keeping water hotter longer and saving energy
  • Acrylic bathtub and shower liner materials last a lifetime, which means no need to replace them and less waste in landfills
  • We use the latest technology to minimize our electricity usage
  • Over 75 percent of our shipping is free from the costly use of cardboard, pallets and shrink-wrap
  • At our plants, we recycle all the water that we use during the manufacturing process
  • BATH FITTER recycles all scrap plastic materials
  • BATH FITTER uses non-toxic installation materials and methods
Connect: Website, Facebook, Twitter

14. Bayou Kayaks Certification_Sticker

bayou_kayaks-1311705885Owner: Rhonda Ardoin Sells: Kayak and Paddleboard rentals on Bayou St. John Connect: Website, Facebook

15. Hike for KaTREEna Certification_Sticker

Hike for KaTREEna Logo

Owner: Connie Uddo

Sells: Plaquemines Parish La. Citrus and Fruit trees : Satsuma, Meyer Lemon, Key Lime, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Celeste Fig, Sweet Kumquat, Blood Orange, Navel orange, Tangelo, Spanish Olive Connect: Website

16. Joule Energy Certification_Sticker

Joule_TwitterOwners: Julien Thomas and Robert Schmidt Sells: No direct sales, just information booth from which we'll be distributing marketing materials, speaking with folks about the benefits of our services, and collecting contact information from interested homeowners. Connect: Website, Facebook, Twitter


 17. Cafe Istanbul

cafe-istanbulOwners: Suleyman Aydin and Chuck Perkins Sells: Libations! Connect: Website, Facebook, Twitter

18. Stanley's Custom Creations

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 4.00.38 PMOwner: Brian Stanley Sells: Concrete artwork including wall art, garden art, bowls and other assorted concrete items Connect: Website

19. Sally's Country Gourmet Foods

Owner: Sally Cobb Sells: Fresh apple cider, Hot Pepper Jelly, Banana nut raisin craisin bread, hummus, pimiento cheese, Organic Kosher Grape Juice, Mardi Gras Bean Soup Mix

20. Magnolia Physical Therapy

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 5.09.21 PMRepresentative: Claire Hill Sells: Free pain consultations with a licensed physical therapist and information on health and wellness Connect: Website, Facebook, Twitter

21. PosiGen 

PosiGen Logo VertRepresentative: Kimberly Bovia Brown Sells: Solar Panels and Energy Efficiency Connect: Website, Facebook, Twitter

 22. Marion Freistadt

Sells: repurposed plastic and metal bottles decorated with Mardi Gras beads

23. NOLA Salvage Art

DSC00957Owner: Heather Mattingly Sells: Wall sculptures made from all kinds of salvaged materials, everything from old nails, nuts, bolts, washers, screws, bottlecaps, buttons, junk jelwery, broken machine parts, even Mardi Gras throws! Connect: Website

Would you like to join us? Fill out the vendor application and contact with any questions.


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